Digitale Dak over Haagse Markt

Digitale Dak over Haagse Markt. Wij hebben u al overdekt 

We weten dat gemeente Den Haag een redelijk goed potentieel biedt om economische groei en innovatie te stimuleren, maar toekomstige inspanningen moeten een alomvattende aanpak omvatten om ervoor te zorgen dat economische groei en innovatie niet stoppen bij de gangen van de gemeente, maar zich uitstrekken tot het Haagse ondernemerschap. Gemeente Den Haag moet inclusieve groei- en innovatiestrategieën cultiveren die ondernemers verbinden met een marktsysteem waarmee ze hun volledige potentieel kunnen benutten zonder regelgeving die ondernemers beperkt.

Bijvoorbeeld deze alternatieve strategie om de Haagse Markt te overkappen met een database en digitalisatie van zijn gehele aanbod om klanten het gemak en comfort te bieden en hun een gelegenheid aanbieden om een online wandeling te kunnen maken.  Zonder gedoe met regen en stormachtig weer, Dit moet dan gekoesterd worden en geprezen door de conceptisten die de feitelijke overkapping van de markt al jaren uitstellen. De excuses om niet het initiatief te nemen om de constructie uit te voeren gingen over financiering, budgetten en esthetiek.  Maar er werd geen vergadering verzameld om te denken aan ons meest invloedrijke winkelalternatief van deze tijd. Online winkelplatform.

Bezoekers aan de markt te binden en de winstgevendheidbij slecht weer te verbeteren.


As Haagse Markt continues to be a popular retail destination, it’s not being truly effective in propelling it’s full potential. Sheltering the marketplace is probably one of the most essential projects which everyone; from shopkeepers to visitors had long awaited for. But to this day the people in charge of this project have been taking only a few passive steps to this specific need of our community. 

Blueprints, sketches, proposals, it seems we are being numbed in the cold wind of this December month to a point of becoming dysfunctional even in having a simple healthy dialogue with our costumers. 

Design-wise the renovated marketplace is one of the most dysfunctional creations to emerge from an architect's mind. What prompts me to utter this statement? Witnessing it’s unpracticality by firsthand and the thousand days of brutal and dangerously devastating weather conditions which flooded rain to our inventory, stormed and broke our shop displays and waved freezing cold to our bones. Trouble which we hadn’t experienced with the old low-sheltered roof design.

At the most neglected and unequally designed street side of the Haagse Markt; Our ears are deafening because of cars rattling and scooters revving, and occasional unnecessary claxoning. In addition to these noises; The perturbing noise of the radio which is set on high volume at a nearby shop is causing decibel limits to reach 85db throughout the day. Violating the Dutch working conditions act. With no intervention, nor government aid of any kind.

 Alone I stand with worry as my ally; the lack of comfort creates in me envy. And insecurity eventually leads me to emotional withdraw. It's -4 degrees cold. I have a runny nose, my hands are turned red and my feet is like no more of my body part, it’s tingling. No people to yell, jostle, interrupt or stare. Just me and the wind. Content. Alone. Sharp claws of chill air slicing through my clothes. I rub my arms through my cold clothes. I feel small in the dark. I feel chilled and certainly less bold. At the end of the day I am psychologically deranged to attend another dose of this numbing anxiety as Saturday dawns faster than I could get myself warm. 

Think about it; If there were any group that would metamorphose this marketplace in progressive ways, I suspect the only people who would be able to execute a task in a caliber that befits it would be the entrepreneurs who are both physically, materially and socially as well as politically constrained. Because it is this very constraints that drive innovation and force focus. On the other hand sedation takes over and desensitizes the mind. I myself have been laboured to some improper policies that disabled my full potential as an entrepreneur. But instead of trying to remove these policies, I am beginning to think it’s just about time to use these constraints to our advantage. 

Working outside is not easy. And in this technological age, getting things done practically is perfectly solution-able. But there are some policy makers who can’t escape their grid patterned roads and narrow boxes, so much so, if I were to — and indeed I have tried — to build a rain shelter to keep my inventory dry. But this have prompted some marketplace-maintainers to come and tore it down. Without any kind of advise nor solution to this problem I had. A cold statement of “You can’t do this. Dissemble it now’’ was the only thing they could think of to say. It was a simple and yet sturdy and robust structured shelter. It had worked! Without hindrance to atmosphere, nor any people. But this unintelligible observation of marketplace-maintainers deduction cannot be called mastery. Hence I call them “maintainers” in these paragraphs. By any means no masters.

Marketplace maintainers who are oddly enough called; masters, “marktmeesters” in Dutch wouldn’t be much of a master of this marketplace if their services lack constructivism and friendly cooperation in entrepreneur culture and their needs. Unable to think outside of the box, their everyday monotone workflow pushes them to take refuge in a standardised set of instructions which is given them by the government. Like some millennials who can’t somehow decide to purchase a thing without googling it first. And not using their intellect to workout a decision. Today we have been so alienated from the simplest of ideas and enslaved to textbooks and manuals that dictate us how to move and act. Or rather we are being ‘’programmed to act’’, like a robot. A leader that is open and curious will have less trouble with getting people involved. Unfortunately there are too many “half leaders” that easily skip the human part. Almost to the extent that they think of people as machines and not human beings. Learning how to read critically, through grammar, rhetoric and logic is a necessity of every human being. Each public maintainer officer must at least internalize vocabulary acquisition, comprehension and analogical reasoning skills. They must express that they have learned how to think. 

Synthetic ethics to uphold

Habits take time and repetition. That’s it — time and repetition. The destination called mastery (Meesterschap) lies on a road called ‘’repetition.’’ Repetition ingrains a new habit and marches you down the path towards mastery. Mastering a solution isn’t merely passively observing public from patrolling at the marketplace or even worse using surveillance cameras. If it was so, market maintainers, i.e. ‘masters’ would had already noticed the "not allowed” wooden poles which I have been leaving at the roof section of my stall purposely to conduct an analysis of their behaviour. 8 months have elapsed and still counting.. So by this we can come to the conclusion that masters as they call themselves have rather inadequate observational skills. As government employee selection procedures are getting better, I am beginning to notice more virtuous character in the newcomers in the field. 

Don’t violate your own principles.
A negligence of a very important Dutch principle. 

One other term that Dutch use to describe someone whose a public-order-officer is ‘Handhaver’ which almost corresponds with the word maintainer. King William of Orange, whom is also known as “William the silent” gave the following explanation of our Dutch motto  “Je Maintiendrai” French for "I shall maintain”.

 I will maintain virtue and nobility.
I will keep the name of my name from my name.
I will maintain the honor, the faith, the loyalty of God, the King, my friends and me. 

Like king William, we are all architects of maintenance, some are committed to maintaining pedagoguing each other with love and noble character and construct beautifully designed ethical neighbourhoods. On the other-hand some are stubbornly maintaining cursing and blaming each-other and demolish all the beautiful qualities embedded in this culture like virtue, nobility, honor, faith, loyalty and God. 

We talk about values and not virtues anymore. Because values are relative. What's expensive in one place is cheap in another place. Where as; Virtue, which comes from Latin word and it means true. 

In order to advance an enviable enterprise and continue to bridge the gap between costumer needs and the product that fulfils that need, we need a strong ethical, social and trustworthy chambers of commerce. Aside that, we also need responsible Marktmeesters that will help in transitioning merchants mindsets to policies and progresses that are being made. We also need Haagse Markt entrepreneurs who are abundant not just in inventory but in virtuous endeavors and values to help in building the strong society that we talk about. The values we cherish and respect as well as the laws enshrined in Je Matiendrai, must be taken seriously. If for some reason you feel like drifting-off these paragraphs. Than hear me ROAR loudly along with Silent William’s lions. The selective mutism I have amplifies my ears to hear the sirens-of-the-state and enable me to see the hidden in plain sight. 

What was written on the front cover of your Dutch passport again?

I salute each and everyone of you who have acquainted with it’s meaning. But even more so living up it’s forgotten virtues.

—Welcome home


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