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Thema: Creativiteit en beleid 
Blog-bericht door | Hr Cedar Stone
25/08/2019 - (nog niet vertaald) 

As Haagse Markt’s regulation policy evolves, it turns into a system which celebrates conformity, compliance and linearity. And we pathologise our differences at the marketplace, one of the ways we do this is; we have a very narrow conception of ability on the filed. We think that similarity is a synonym for successful gathering under the same roof. And it's simply not, looking uniform is important but diversity in the marketplace is even more important than a well written policy. But if you start out with the narrow conception that everything has to look same and have extreme uniformity, you automatically generate a large conception of inability or disability in the previously successful marketplace.

Haagse Markt is based on standardization. To make things look same for all. But human life is based on diversification. Our brains need fluctuations, ups and downs, straight lines are abstractions in the mind. 

Afdeling Markten policy makers have prouduced a very narrow box for the merchants mind, and merchants who don't show their creativeness—they just don't have a capacity for it. They are psychologically conditioned that this is all you can do on a market stall. There are no alternatives. And people who show their creativeness, are pathologized by the system, they become the problem. Merchants want to do their best in their business but they just don't like the way they are being engaged by these policies. So my talk is on about what are the conditions under which merchants flourish. It’s to remedy the failing revenues in which Afdeling Markten doesn’t really do something about and doesn’t allow merchant to do something either. Putting all of us in a situation where nobody can move to innovate. 

 We need a better promotion strategy than just merely putting up signs for publication. How about doing the most obvious?  

There has been a growing emphasis on promotional initiatives in Haagse Markt’s advertising strategy. It’s also perhaps worthy to mention the recently put billboard on the side of the A12 motorway. But success of this marketplace doesn’t lie in bringing more people to the circus, it lies within our diverse and creative culture of being able to design shops that are unique and authentic. Only then visitors will be delighted and grow an emotional bond with the character but most importantly with the merchants of the Haagse Markt. We don’t want one-time visitors but a consistency in our relationship with those who are navigated here by this billboard. If we are allowed to colorize this painting frame (our stalls) we are given without unreasonable and absurd limitations, only then a great picture will appear. Because you can’t tell creative business people to do things in a specific way. This only extinguishes their potential and eliminates their interest and support to create a better Haagse Markt.

All the philosophy at the Haagse Markt is about racing, competition, outperforming the other. If we know anything about human life, great communities, great councils, great marketplace entrepreneurs thrive on collaboration. Human life is a collaborative enterprise. It's the only way that it works. The whole system only works of we work together. Functionality of any institution lies within it’s rich diversification. Limit that, with some unreasonable rules, unfair sanctions, and with some touch of negligence.. you have the very ingredients to be a failing marketplace. Those who say otherwise; pointing their fingers to this award that Haagse Markt has won recently—they haven’t elaborated all of the aspects. They have just have to see the next decade to testify to this truth. But my optimism will intervene to aid a little to this marketplace what we call Haagse.

I’d like to end by saying my criticism is not a departure from democracy; it is absolutely essential for a democratic Haagse Markt to function. As Benjamin Franklin said it best; It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority and the conditions in which policies are decided. 

So my question is what happens if we choose to give the reins to those who are capable of a metamorphosis that Haagse Markt needs? 

— Looking forward 


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